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My first flash animation was taken down...

2016-12-05 22:24:12 by DrClay


Yeah, unfortunately as a kid I made the wrong choice of having a copywritten song to play during the credits.
It was my first animation and I was trying to be the cool guy and being all like "Look, I listen to this too!" (Which I remember someone said they voted a 3 or so because of it, so apparently it worked.. haha)

Anyway, I didn't consider this an issue or predict the event that is currently happening to a lot of users. The event being that there seems to be a lot of issues with copyright laws. I didn't make a movie and sell it, I just made something for free. This made me believe that using a random song by a band wouldn't be problem but that has proved to be false. I actually forgotten about the animation until now, I mostly been inactive on here. The reason why I left for a while is because I felt the site has become too soft at times and often I see stuff that makes it past judgement when in my opinion shouldn't of. I understand if people want to share animation test and all, but there does exist an animation forum for that, and you can post it there.

But yeah, unfortunately my cartoon was taken down. But, I completely understand the reason and have to take responsibility for it. I recently sent a message to Tom seeing if I can receive the SWF file and replace the music myself.

And yes, it might of not been that great of an animation, but it had a bit of a meaning to me. So I am hoping I can rescue it.


Edit: Apparently another animation was removed that I made for Christmas as well...


Update: Got it back up now :D


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2016-12-05 23:42:38

NG is really strict on copyright. You'd think if it's a no copyright song (like something from NCS) the mods would be a little more chill about it, but I guess not.

DrClay responds:

Songs from audio portal and royalty free songs are allowed.. I had American Pie during the credits. Most of the mods and staff are just trying to keep the site in good shape from the copyright hounds. In this case, even though my cartoon was free the song itself was copywritten, so I understand the reason. Tom gave me the swf and I can republish it with the song replaced. I'm sure if it was up to the mods or the staff, they would be chill about it, but with the threat of legal action they have to be strict.