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The animation made this. I mean, the audio is funny but the animation and timing of everything really made this hilarious. The animation is both weird and funny, Like how so many characters have multiple chins and how random you made Dan and Arin act during their laughing fits.
You're animation style is a lot more different then how some people make the GG animated series.
Great job! Keep it up.

Could of used more chins though....

This was really incredible to watch. It seemed like an actual episode of South Park, both the jokes and the looks. Though, the motion tweens were a little smooth for South Park style, but that's not really a big deal in my opinion.
I loved the joke of the doctor always looking towards the camera with the typical theme music every time he did something "doctor" like.
The voice acting was well done, even if they didn't sound like the actual south park cast at times you can tell they were trying to.

The only thing I didn't like, or just felt was unnecessary was the whole "0 seconds later" stuff. I dunno, it just seemed like that was a bit of a weird thing to have. But that doesn't ruin it for me.
Really well done video. I hope to see more from you in the future.

I wouldn't be surprised if you became a writer for south park after this.

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Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.
I've seen a lot of stop motion, and I like how you went above and beyond, with lighting and other various things to add to the mood. A lot of stop motions I've seen ignore that, and just use the lighting of their room, or so.
I love the touch of having a light shine on where you had the flames going, to make it seem like they are giving off light. Well done.
The only thing I didn't like, and this is EXTREMELY minor, and doesn't effect the score in my cause.
But I just didn't like how his head was all... foamy. Like he was made of a rough material. His hands were smooth though. Not sure why its like that, but I'm guessing its something you were going for.

...Who brings only one Marshmallow to a camp fire?

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It's a fun idea and fun to use, but I am having technical problems.
I can't create or share. It tells me that it was saved and shared, but they never appear within the shared content, and they always seem to have a problem loading.
I have tried 3 times on 3 different occasions, all with the same result.

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Brilliant work.
Its such a simple project, but you clearly went above and beyond with this. I especially love the old-timey drawings you have with Pico.
This deserve to be its own option on the audio portal.
Well done kind sir, well done.

deathink responds:

Maybe someday you will see this in the audio portal... :D thanks for your support , and I am glad you like it.

Its official, this is the best game of 2012.
The graphics, the sounds, the controls, the music, all of it is flawless.
This is indeed the most epic flash game that I have ever played, seen, or even heard of.

You all should feel proud of yourselves, this is really incredible.
I hope one day that this game gets more recognized by the public and is able to be played on local console systems.
Great job.

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Very Nice.
I didn't quite enjoy the slow paced intro, if anything it lasted a little to long. Though, it basically is an introduction of the song, and it builds up as it goes so it still manages to keep you entertained. The sudden increase of the beat gives you the feel of adrenalin.
Usually really long songs tend to always be repetitive, but you managed to change it up throughout the whole song. It's absolutely brilliant and I love it. Well done.
One can argue that its chiptunes (although I don't see anything wrong with that) It still does a great job. I hope to hear more from you in the future.

XVersa responds:

Thanks for an actually detailed and fair review!

About the intro, yeah, I tend to do that with a lot of my songs, but this one's was pretty short compared to most others. I was also trying something new with having the BPM rate build up. If I remember correctly, it starts at around 90 and then slowly moves to the base rate of 162.

I like it.
I think its a fine choice of various chip sounding instruments.
Some instruments did seem out of place, mostly the main instrument.
All and all, pretty neat.
Good job.

Very soothing to the ears....
This is brilliant. That big part in the middle is just epic.
There was a lot of users who have made this song, even me. The competition is hard. But as far as I am concerned, this is the best remake of this song I've ever heard, great job man.

I'm adding this to my favorites.

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"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

This is absolutely amazing. I have used both Z-Brush and photoshop, and I know how difficult it is (especially since Z-Brush doesn't like having an UNDO button) yet this is amazing! I really hope you get an awesome job in modeling video game characters or something, because you totally deserve it. If I do have one complaint, it would probably just be nitpicking, but I would have to say that his mouth is a little far away from his nose, making his head look a little stretched out. Although, if I remember correctly, I think that is how he looked in the Batman TAS cartoon.

Brilliant as always. I am adding you as one of my favorite artist.

This is epicIt

It is beyond awesome, I mean this is just.... Fuck-ma-awesome.

Hank actually has arms, and that alone should tell you how bad-ass this is.

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Fucking Awesome, and well worthy of those words

This, is just awesome. The detail you have on both characters is just amazing. If you were to make this with a poster I would SO buy it.
Really epic.

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