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New Stereo.

10/13/12 by DrClay
Updated 10/13/12

All my life I always wanted a stereo system. Not just something that plays CD's but the big kind, you know what I mean.
Well there was a garage sale a few blocks down from my house, and they had this awesome thing so I bought it.
Believe it or not, it was only 5 dollars.

2 Tape Decks
3 CD drives
Record Player
AM/FM Radio

I also picked up some records.
John Lennon, AC/DC and Steely Dan Katy Lied

They didn't have a huge selection and I was too late to buy more records, but I am happy with what I got.

Anyone have any good suggestions of records?

New Stereo.


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what the hell is this hurricane everyone is rambling about

11/3/12 DrClay responds:

Hurricane Sandy, a hurricane that killed up to 88 people and lead others homeless and have damaged homes.

I'm lucky that me and my family only had lost our power.



Breast Cancer Awareness Month.



it seems alright i guess.. i just got rid of almost the same set tho.
since it wasn't renewing. and didn't even used it.
now i own Behringer studio monitors and a standalone Equalizer.
i can play cd's and stuff from my pc so.. i don't need a stereo.
im glad you are happy with it. dont get me wrong.

10/15/12 DrClay responds:

Each to his own. But there is a certain nostalgia to stereos.
Besides, I heard that records are coming back.



Wow!It looks pretty sweet!

10/15/12 DrClay responds:

Indeed it is.